By hearing this word “MATURITY” what thoughts came in your mind first? Let me guess the first thought that struck your mind is understanding, and the second is decision making. Yes, you are right but what you think ‘does maturity come with age or experience’. Some of you will think it comes with growing age and some of you think it comes from experience.

Firstly let’s talk about maturity comes from age. Yes, it is possible to become mature by growing age because getting mature needs time and is one-directional we can’t go back in time and we age with time its natural. Maturity is related to self-awareness and it takes time. But do you think many grown-ups act like immature people in various ways like when they are talking, they do some unnecessary things something childish.

Now let’s talk about maturity comes from experience. Do you see some children below the age of 15years  act like adults in various ways most of these children belong to poor families, some of them are orphans and they have to do various things like selling household items, selling newspapers and some of them opens a small tea stall or a small restaurants to earn their living.

If a poor boy working on a tea stall to support their family, the list of his family member is his father, mother, and his two younger sisters. But unfortunately, his father and his mother died in an accident. So now all the responsibility of his two younger sisters came to this 15 year old boy’s shoulder and he started to do several jobs for living if you meet this boy you will find that this boy is more mature and hardworking than a 25 year old man. Then what you say this boy is matured because of those responsibilities and experience.

In the end, I have a question by reading this, What you think does maturity come with age or experience?

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So guys in my previous blog I talked about what our parents told us to face your problems on your own. Now here’s the second and important part about how friends change in our future.

So you think that friends don’t change in future but no they do change not all of them but most of them. The sad truth is, there are a lot of people who came in your life just for their own selfishness because they think you can help them with many things like money, fights etc. The main part is money if you spend your money on them for everything they want to have then you are the best person in this whole world for them but when you stop spending your money for some reason they start hating you, they start back bitching(saying rubbish about you to others behind your back).

So the point is when you are not well settled, successful in future they leave you, they start ignoring you overall they want to end everything like friendship, bond, relationship etc. So you have to make a stand in front of all those haters by success and hard work, follow your dreams and show them that you can be successful and you (that fake friend) are wrong I can do anything I want, that’s your (that fake friend) mistake to leave me at my hard times.

One thing more those fake friend who are with you because of your money or power start bulling you on regular basis yes its true they just want you to get demotivated, scattered in pieces not because of your empty wallets only because they are afraid of you they don’t want to see you to become more successful than them.

The sad reality and the dark side of this world if you have money you have everything such as friends yes right. No one wants to hear your struggles, what problem you had faced everyone wants the result.

So, have faith in yourself and show those haters that you are the part of this society, you can also be successful, and you can fulfill your dreams on your own.

ALWAYS DREAM BIG TO ACHIEVE BIG” if you don’t dream it you can never achieve it.

In the end, I just want to say one thing “THE BEST WAY TO PREDICT YOUR FUTURE IS TO CREATE IT” have faith in yourself, have faith in your will and have faith in your dreams.


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What you think who will support you in your future first thing that came in your mind is parents, friends. Yes, you are right but you are missing one person and that is YOU. Yes YOU because if you don’t do anything in your present what you think you will be successful in future no you are not going to be successful without making any efforts your parents will not help you to get job and become successful person no they only help you with your problems for a certain time what you think your friends will help you to get a job no most of them leave you on yourself no one is going to help you to become successful and well-settled person.

Someone said “NOTHING IS PERMANENT IN LIFE” yes its true but there is one thing is PERMANENT and you know what that is YOU yes YOU are permanent in your life because at the end your parents will help you until you are not capable to earn your own money after that they will say one thing we can’t handle your expenses now our work is to give the best education and make you an educated person now go and face your problems on your own, yes not all parents say this but most of them will say this to you

When you listen to those words from your parents what thought came in your mind ‘they are betraying you or they are leaving you’ NO WHAT YOU ARE THINKING IS WRONG they only say this to make you feel that “I am going to face my problems on my own”. Our parents only want to see their child to become a good and successful person. If you take this as a challenge only then you can make your life like a life because in this world money, standard, class etc. that matter but not all of the time only your dreams matter.

And the best way to complete this challenge is TO HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF. If you have faith in yourself, in your will, in your dreams nothing is impossible my friend nothing is impossible even IMPOSSIBLE says I M POSSIBLE you just have to work hard and hard to make your dream come true.

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In your opinion what does betrayal means just ask this to yourself the first thought came in your mind is “If someone ditched you that’s betrayal or if someone broke their promises that’s betrayal”. Yes you almost got it what is betrayal means. The true meaning of Betrayal is the breaking or violation of a presumptive contract, trust or confidence that produce moral and psychological conflict within relationship among individual. Often betrayal is the act of supporting Rival Groups.

In mostly all cases Rival Groups refers to those people who you don’t like to interact or talk in this world everyone has minimum one rival or the person they hate.

Now let’s talk about betrayal feeling Suppose you have a friend and you trust him/her blindly whole heartedly starts back bitching about you, and you came to know about the reality of that person who is your everything, trustworthy is a fake what is the first thought came to your mind that he/she betrays you, your trust, your faith, your friendship. Then you start hating him/her that’s the common thing we all do right, your perspective about him/her is changed in a moment your mind is filling with      anger, violence and hate and all of a sudden he/she came to meet you and said HEY, HOW ARE YOU what will you do, most probably you want to kill that person or beat the hell out of him/her right. As the matter of fact a thought came in your mind that all of the people in this world are FAKE, I am not going to make friends being lonely is better than making friends because at the end he/she will betray you again right. THIS WHAT WE CALL BETRAYAL FEELING.

So, how to overcome about this betrayal feeling First of all, find a person to talk about your feeling because betrayal may lead to depression.

Avoid being in contact with that person for a while because this may leads to aggression and you can harm yourself mentally and physically.

Take a good care yourself find something you like to do such as listening music, playing games, writing, reading, bike riding, cooking anything you love to do this can help you to divert your mind and make you feel more realistic

The hardest and important step is Try to Forgive – Forgiving does not mean that you are condoning the act of betrayal. It means that you are choosing to move on from feelings of resentment. It can lead to empathy and compassion for those who betrayed you. It can lead to a greater sense of personal.

The main part is don’t do anything stupid because when you are dealing with betrayal many thoughts came in your mind the most common and dangerous thought is SUICIDE no don’t ever think about it because it is not a solution of anything it’s just another problem not for you but for your loved ones such as your parents, friends, colleagues and every one of those you love and who loves you can’t handle this pain.

At the end I tell you why I am writing about this betrayal feeling because I faced it dozens of times and I know how it feels, how hard to move on, how hard is to make friends, I done many wrong thinks while dealing with betrayal feeling that’s why I want to tell everyone that betrayal is just a phase of our life it’s not the end of the life always remember one line “LIVE A LIFE TO REMEMBER NOT TO REMEMBER LIFE TO LIVE”

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